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 LIYANA MEER- With her head in the clouds and feet in the air, Liyana sees everything in a myriad of colours. Combining her passion for people, writing and fashion, she used to run the ActuallyMAG ship in six-inch heels (most days). On typical days, she chronicles her style adventures on (http://sunshinesummer.tumblr.com).

SHAHROM RASHIDMalaysian, currently based in Hong Kong, has lived most his life abroad. A seasoned traveler, but still with a zest for the street less-traveled,and a passion for the road less explored.

KRISTINA CARILLO-  Born and raised in Manila, Kristina is a 20 year old Fashion Design and Merchandising Major in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (School of Design and Arts). She gets her inspirations from every random thing she sees around. Her love for street art, urban fashion, and modern culture has led her to pursue her dreams of becoming part of the industry. She loves fashion photography and journalism as much as she loves designing and making clothes for her clients.
DEXTER YONG – Born in Singapore, Dexter has written for AsiaOne and MTV Asia websites, as well as publications like Teenage, BigO, Man Life and Style, Juice, The Arts Magazine and South China Morning Post. Aside from writing freelance, he also teaches part-time at a polytechnic in Singapore.
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SIMONA MARTINEZ – Simona Martinez, 1968 is a stylist and chronicler based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her beautiful works are being displayed at Simona Martinez (www.simonamartinez.com.ar)
GABRIELE GATTOZZI – Former student of Humanities and Political Science, former officer of the Italian Army (Alpini), former executive on behalf of major energy companies around the Mediterranean Sea, former editor and consultant in the Italian fashion industry, now Gabriele Gattozzi 42 years old is a Free Man. Next destination? Go East, young men (God willing)!

JAEL CHNG Jael is a treasure hunter, sojourner and a beauty seeker. She is constantly on the look-out for the unusual, the new and the impossible; seeking the hidden treasure and sharing the pearls she finds. She enjoys featuring emerging artistes and highlighting lesser-known travel gems. She has a soft-spot for shoes as they represent life’s journeys. Her art and musings can be found at http://jaelchng.wordpress.com/

WAHYUNI A. HADI – Yuni is a film programmer and curator who has worked with numerous festivals and screenings to promote Singapore film. A graduate from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts with an M.A in Arts Management, her career began in the visual arts and led her to work in an animation studio, television and at The Substation, where she substantially raised the profile of its film programme. She also co-founded Fly By Night Video Challenge with filmmaker Tan Pin Pin in 2003. In 2008-2009, she headed the Singapore International Film Festival as festival director. Yuni spearheads the Objectifs Films label.

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ROWENE LAWA childhood fascination with the rainbow palette’s endless possibilities of shades and colours led to an ongoing discovery with colours through visual arts, advertising, publishing and make-up. Being both a marketing practitioner in the arts, media, advertising industry and a make-up artist over the last 12 years, Rowene has developed an unique skill-set that provides sound business insights to the back-of-house workings of the beauty, fashion, media, advertising and lifestyle industries. As a professional make-up artist, she seeks to stretch her creativity and refines her brush skills by approaching every work opportunity as yet another benchmarking challenge. Thus far, practicing make-up application has been most rewarding and therapeutic for Rowene. Known for her signature style of making faces come alive with vibrancy, she does not hesitate to impress with the bold and clever use of colours. Inspired by the works and philosophy of legendary artist Shu Uemura, Rowene aims to be and nurture a generation of Asian artists worthy of a legacy far surpassing that of Shu Uemura.
HIDETAKA FURUYA – Director at Northern Projects as well as freelance editor and translator. Based in Tokyo. After having learned Politics at University of London, Hidetaka went on to study fashion media at London College of Fashion. He currently works for a wide range of media and companies including WWD Japan, Towada Art Center, LN-CC, Science of the Time, Norwegian Rain, etc. He also does casting for fashion shoots, and translates for foreign artists visiting Tokyo. Moreover, he is the translator for the Japanese edition of Art, Fashion and Work for Hire, which features an insightful conversation among Hedi Slimane, Peter Saville and Thomas Demand. You can find him at http://www.northern-projects.com
MAVIS DAI-MITCHELL- Based in Melbourne, Mavis is a staunch believer that all things can be achieved through lots of hard work and bits of luck. As a fashion design graduate from RMIT University, she’s always on the lookout for interesting design solutions and quirky viewpoints. Her recent thesis was based on technology in fashion and this remains very much an obsession of hers. Whilst working for a fast fashion company, she’s ironically interested in slow fashion, fashion that transcends trends and how classics are born.
SERENA VORA - Armed with a business degree, Serena Vora made the radical move from her cozy home in sunny San Diego, USA to the maddening chaos of Mumbai almost five years ago, to experience living and working in one of the most exciting and challenging cities in this part of the world. After a stint in the fashion industry as a marketing executive at L’Officiel India, she moved to the music industry where sh worked at Sony Music Entertainment India, marketing Bollywood and International music in India. Living in Bombay and working with all things related to music, film and fashion, ensures Serena is constantly in the know of all things hip and happening in this melting pot of Indian culture and fashion. Though there are many things she misses about America, such as spending Christmas with her family, eating tasty Mexican food and shopping at her favourite stores, she loves Mumbai for all its vibrancy, chaos and variety.

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BI LEE- (better known by the English name “Billie”) was born in Singapore and currently resides in Australia to complete her undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Communication. An avid fan of music, Billie plays the piano and particularly enjoys the composition of Maurice Ravel and Yann Tiersen. She travels vastly and describes her best experience in Galle, Sri Lanka. Billie’s passion for writing was inspired by Irish playwright Oscar Wilde.

QIN- It all started when Qin found fashion and gave up her berm-and-tunic ways. One thing led to another and a style blog was born. An accountancy student by day, Qin spends the rest of her time curled up in bed with a good movie or a K-pop track. Qin is also a BlackBerry addict and a certified Hello Kitty aficionado. Her greatest fashion memory involved a fashion show and a child-like awe at the stunning clothes before her. That was when she was sure that fashion is, and will continue to be, a big part of her pink, pink life. You can find her at http://qinatthedisco.blogspot.com.

RONI AHN-  I am a 15 year young photographer based in hong kong. i just love taking photographs, being able to capture everything around me.

LEE YVONNE - I call myself a dreamer, a traveller, a writer, a photographer, and maybe, an architect. I dream to see the world, travel to understand cultures, write to record, and photograph to remember.


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NATALIE CHIN - Natalie is 19 and wishes the world was made of water. She likes film photography, cats, books and good coffee. She graduated from Anglo-Chinese Junior College in 2010, and has recently completed a Public Relations Internship with Loewe. She will be living in Venice for six weeks, as a National Arts Council intern for Singapore’s participation in the 54th Venice Biennale. You could find her here: http://blog.herbonestructure.com

ZUL ANDRA - The arts and entertainment writer has been at it for close to 6 years now, and with the decade close approaching, he might need a new liver. Having covered the nightlife beat at I-S magazine as a staff writer and web editor, Zul Andra now plies his trade at different publications. At Juice magazine, he writes about nightlife and the local sub-culture in his bi-monthly column. For inSing.com, he bar hogs and hops checking out new establishments and drinks. Zul Andra also reviewed films and concerts for TODAY newspaper, runs his blog Kiss My Culture, and has interviewed people like Gui Boratto, Digitalism, Diplo and Carl Cox. In a casual morning he enjoys writing depressing poetry and short stories on alternative culture. 6 cuppa and 2 packs of smokes a day is his current benchmark.

JAU - Graduated from architecture school of UWA and has since worked in Singapore & HK. Now permanently based in Singapore, she continues her love affair with HK, flying there at least twice a year. She’s also a part-time skin care evangelist and DJ wannabe. Famous last words “Make up, (not diamonds) is a girl’s best friend.”

BJORN TEO- A young, free-spirited mind with a Diploma in Mass Communication from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film and Media Studies, Bjorn looks to pursue a career in either writing or music-making – possibly both. With an internship at The New Paper, experience in fashion and lifestyle magazines, and Japanese translation experience under his belt, he always looks ahead for inspiration and creative ideas to improve himself. In accordance with his personal doctrine of “there is no end to learning”, Bjorn always feels that trying and failure is not nearly as bad as not trying at all. He is unafraid to mince his words and says it as it is, but don’t be afraid; he doesn’t bite if he doesn’t have to.


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JESSICA CHEE - Jessica moved to Belgium to pursue her love for design and widen her take on everything art and design related. She began drawing from the minute she got a pencil and has moved on to customizing sneakers and works in her free time as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She’s currently obsessed with working with mixed media and it might be the cold Belgian weather that’s got everything she experiences translated into quirky and whimsical.

JANNAH VELMA NOIR-  Jannah Velma Noir (real name Janet Fung) is an 18-year-old fashion, portrait & street-style photographer based in Hong Kong. Her first encounter with a camera was when her parents first bought one for the family. Immediately, She fell in love with the sounds of the shutter at the mere age of 16. She is currently studying Bilingual Language and Literature. One day, Jannah hopes to become a professional photographer and is actively trying to take her skills to the next level. You can find her at http://jannahvelmaphotography.tumblr.com

EDWIN LO- Born in San Francisco, raised in both California and Hong Kong, Edwin likes to listen to music 24/7 and write about it in his spare time. Based currently in Hong Kong, he runs bitetone.com an online blog that feeds the best of the HK, TW, and Mainland China indie music scene to readers. Other than music, his second passion may be Mexican food. Don’t be surprised to see him at a rock concert bopping his head while scarfing down a burrito. You can find him at http://bitetone.com

AMADEA C- A fascination with knits, tailored classics, (the occasional incorporation of) prints, asian models, word play and synthetic beats. Believes that one must have a full closet in order to create a quintessentially unique wardrobe.


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NISHANTHINI G - Nishan is a filmmaker and perpetual writer who’s first love has always been penning her thoughts down in the form of words. When alone, she enjoys reading and watching films. When lonely, she loves meeting new people, understanding their lives and learning what drives them. Never one to deny a challenge, she has been known to dress entirely in black on most days.

KELLY KOO - English literature student with a fondness of indie music, fashion, vanilla lattes, contemporary art, Jeanette Winterson, her dog Hershey and Wes Anderson films. Anything offbeat and aesthetical catches her eye. She enjoys writing and spills ink on enydona.tumblr.com  from time to time.






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