The traditional nine-yard Indian sari has been gaining popularity globally and now it’s getting a French twist. French luxury brand Hermès will be launching an exclusive collection of saris available from October 7th 2011 at the newly opened Mumbai boutique. The prints of the saris refer to mythic and contemporary Hermes scarves: “New Springs”, in mousseline; “Fleurs Indiennes”, in double mousseline, “Coupons Indiens”, in cashmere and silk and “Patch”, in silk twill. The double mousseline sari consists of meticulous handiwork which required approximately 9 hours work! The saris come in striking colours and you can order a customized blouse. This looks like the beginning of specialized collections from Hermès for the Indian market, can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

- Serena Vora

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